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Cabin Equipment Trainer (CET )

CET App has been created to help cabin and flight deck crew learn and understand all aspects of the equipment on board their aircraft.

Any Airline

Designed to work for any airline, any aircraft type.


Understand all the details about the safety cabin equipment on your aircraft.

Cabin & Flight Deck Crew

Help with your Abi-initio or recurrent training; or just as a general refresher any time.


Store multiple profiles for different aircraft and aircraft variants. Set up the locations of where your cabin equipment is stored, enter the details of the equipment.


Know where each piece of equipment is stored, what pre-flight checks are required and how to use the equipment.


Updates to your manuals, no worries, you can edit and move things around easily.

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Designed to work for any airline, any aircraft type. Create your own profile and tailor it for your company and procedures.


Once your profile is created you can review it any time and refresh your knowledge of cabin equipment and their specific locations on the aircraft.


Think you know all the equipment on your aircraft? Test your knowledge with the built in tests.


Share your created profiles with your colleagues using the export and import functionality either via email or upload to the CET Profiles Database and share with the world !

How To

Want to know more on how to use the CET App?

Check out our great tutorial videos on how to create your own profiles, manage locations, edit equipment and import and export your creations!

CET Profiles


Check out the list of the current profiles being shared, you can import them through the CET app for FREE !


Think your profiles are better? Create and share your own profile creations and upload through the CET app.

Company Profile Name Aircraft Type Variant Type Date Uploaded
example B777-example B777 -300 2018-07-12
example A320-example A320 -CFM 2018-07-12
EZY EZY320-180 A320 180pax 2018-07-17
EZY EZY320-186 A320 186pax 2018-07-17
EZY EZYA319 A319 STD 2018-07-17
EK EK-B773 B777 -300 2018-07-18
EK EK-B777LR B777 -200LR 2018-07-18
DY Legacy B737 -800 2018-08-20


We take no responsibility for the information in the database and the profiles. Any action you take upon using the information stored in this database is strictly at your own risk.

Please refer to your company documentation.

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