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A picture paints a thousand words, so videos must paint millions...

We have created some short videos to help you use the CET App and how to adapt it for your airline and aircraft types. These videos show how to create your own profiles, create your own equipment, general editing and importing and exporting profiles.


How to create new profiles for your airline, set up for different types of aircraft.
Also how to edit and delete profiles


How to set up locations specific for your aircraft type.
You can move and delete locations any time.


How to create Equipment, add descriptions and details about checks. Use icons and colours to easily identify equipment.
Any updates to your manuals and you can edit and delete equipment


Want to share your great profile creations?
Export profiles with Email and to the CET Database


How to Import profiles from Email and the CET Database


We take no responsibility for the information in the database and the profiles. Any action you take upon using the information stored in this database is strictly at your own risk.

Please refer to your company documentation.

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